събота, 27 октомври 2012 г.

Pandanda will close after 2 hours... :(

Hello pandas,

The bad news (the closing of PD) are true. After two and less hours Pandanda will be a dream!
I'm posting this for my friends xartagadagel,veskoo,MoOony,pintuska,monity,MOON14,mvp123456789,Henry,The Mods, The Sheriff and my other best friends I've made while playing Pandanda, if you want to contact me,ask or wanna chat me,here are my emails:


And My Twitter is: Victor Danov  . I also have Facebook and Skype but I don't want to tell you them (this isn't for MoOony,vekoo,xartagadagel,pintuska and monity)

Bye bye from me !

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